Patrick Delonca

– testimony –

A record spanish mackerel by Patrick Delonca, in Madascar this automn.

On a beautiful day in November 2017, we drift along a distant drop off, Northwest of Madagascar.

The sonar had spotted a 30 meters deep reef, and the characteristic baitball, quite inciting to a trial dive.

The spearguns are quickly loaded: for my part, a modified PAL 135, triple rubbers 16 mm, 8 mm shaft with a modified slip tip.

The flashers come into action. My eyes are scanning the blue and the background at the same time.

The first drifts were at the height of the flasher (12m), and I only spotted a few jobfishes, in mid-water.

At the fourth attempt, at the limit of the drop and the sand, I see 5 long shapes swimming at the bottom!

Having understood that the flasher did not interest them, I swim gently to go down and intercept their trajectory: they are big mackerels! They do not deviate their way by a millimeter and swim quickly: I understand right away that they will go under me, out of reach.

They are beautiful: 5 big mackerels hunting!

So I swim more vigorously: the first 4 have already passed, impossible to reach …

The last one, the smallest one, is 2 meters behind the others: I lock my visual scanner on it, accelerate, arm outstretched and when the distance is not reduced any more, I shoot at least 5 meters of the fish …

The shaft reaches it ¾ back, from the tail to the body: I ​​do not know if the tip went through: I am at – 25 meters.

The beast reacts violently and plants a hell of a rush!

I start going back to the surface watching my float-line: it is in tension, it’s good sign, it holds …!

On the surface, I call the boat while the fish gets tired from the two floats

Finally boarded, we weigh it at 35 kg, for 1.40m!

A very beautiful narrow barred Spanish mackerel!

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