Simple and reliable

TEAK SEA proposes 2 simple, aesthetically pleasing and unbreakable stainless steel reels. Reel small fits X and Pal. Reel Large fits Azimuth and Pal on order. The reels are designed to avoid blocking and line skidding.

Thanks to a stainless steel spring inserted between the wheel and the washer, they are now even more efficient. With 2 screws, they can be disassembled for transportation, and can also be mounted on all wooden spearguns. In case of a separate purchase, the mounting plate can be supplied on request. Two opposing holes on the drum allow the line to be secured by a stop node to prevent sliding of the wire wound on the drum.

The XL reel is adaptable on all Teak Sea from Pal, by drilling an 8mm diameter hole. Manufactured in a black polymer of high strength but low density, it does not modify the balancing of the weapon. It is interesting mainly in two cases:

Coastal fishing with the need to have a line of large diameter, 2.5 to 3mm, either because of immersed structure such as wrecks or coral, or to favor the gripping on big catches. The required capacity is 50 to 100 meters.

Fishing in the blue with a smaller diameter line (for example Dyneema 1,8mm) and a capacity of about 200m, as an alternative to the float train. The drag of the 150m of line is equivalent to that of a train of buoys.

Reel line capacity is indicated in the table below. The height of the XL reel is by default 70mm but other sizes can be made to measure.

Teak Sea - Moulinet


Accessoires Teak Sea - Moulinet Small


Accessoires Teak Sea - Moulinet Large



IKAN base

Dyneema Silver
1,6mm 200g
Dyneema Silver
1,8mm 300g
XS 25
Small 50 40 30
Medium – IKAN 55
Large 100 80 60 40
XL D 120
200 150 100

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