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The SIGMA range is made up of inverted demultiplied roller guns, that is to say equipped with HARKEN mobile pulleys. They are all layered with carbon fiber reinforced slats to prevent bending of the barrel. The fittings have been tested and optimized for more than 3 years. The SIGMA are equipped with the Ermes roller based trigger mechanism for more precision. The key features of these models are:

-Lack of recoil allowing the use of very powerful set-ups, but also broken wrist shots and limied video blurring.

-Perfectly clear aiming sight

-Very easy loading without assistance hook.

– Incredible versatility thanks to the possibility of adding rubber bands and/or increasing the diameter of the harpoon without negative consequences.

-Optimal precision thanks to the absence of recoil and the low tension on the trigger mechanism with bearings.

-Increased impact/range due to larger diameter harpoons.

-Good maneuverability thanks to Teak Sea balancing and reduced barrel thickness.

-Reliable and easy to repair in the field despite its complexity thanks to the use of standard fittings.

-Very wide range of reels according to needs.

-Possibility of shooting in caves after unloading the extra rubber bands.



This speargun is incredibly versatile, with amazing power for such a compact format. With a 7.5mm shaft and 3 pairs of rubber bands (1×19+2×16), SIGMA 95 is exceptionally precise and has enough range to pin white fish at 4 meters, thus exceeding Neutron 95. With a fourth rubberband and an 8mm shaft, the shot is very fast and the impact significant, making it suitable for all types of fishing in temperate or tropical waters: large bass, large bream, small dentex, grouper… even pelagic. Finally, its very rigid construction allows it to be mounted in 1×19 + 4×16 rubber bands and 8.5mm shaft, which transforms it into a speargun for large tropical catches.



SIGMA 105 is optimal with 1×19+3x16mm and an 8mm shaft; fast and accurate shooting, making it suitable for any type of hunting in temperate or tropical waters. Compared to the 95, its longer length makes aiming a little more precise for a little more distant agachon. Its very rigid construction allows it to be mounted with 1×19 + 4×16 rubber bands and 8.5mm shaft, which turns it into a gun for big tropical catches. With a shaft with front diameter reduced to 7.5mm, the energy of the SIGMA 105 can be transformed into range, allowing you to shoot dentex from quite a distance.

The SIGMA 105 also exists in a “light” version, more manageable and optimal for 7.5 and 8mm set-ups, but not 8.5mm or more.



My favorite for coastal tropical hunting in clear, deep water, thanks to its maneuverability, shooting range and impact, knocking out fish where needed. Equipped with base in 8mm 140cm and 4 pairs of rubber bands (1×19 + 3×16). For Europe, beautiful agachon rifle, neutralizing any catch, small or large, within a radius of 4.5m. The speed of the shot and the absence of lateral deviation, makes the SIGMA very effective for face shots on dentex, which will have more difficulty avoiding the shaft despite the speed of its reflexes.

With one or even two more pairs of rubber bands, in 8.5mm or more, 9 or 9.5mm, SIGMA 115 turns into a heavy weapon with a formidable impact. Equipped with the reduced diameter shaft, the range becomes excellent, exceeding 5m, unless you keep the native diameter to maximize the impact. In practice, the fish often passes over the tether which limits the risk of tearing, like a detachable point.

In West Africa, SIGMA 115 makes it possible to take a real step forward in terms of range on wary cubera snapper, pinning them down at distances where they believe they are safe!



SIGMA 125 is an extraordinary speargun for Indo-Pacific or Atlantic coastal blue water, allowing you to get through most catches up to 5m from shaft tip. Compared to the Azimuth T8 it has improved lateral maneuverability, reduced size / weight and increased precision, not to mention the almost non-existent recoil. It is mounted with an 8.5mm 155cm shaft, propelled by 5 to 7 pairs of rubber bands. Ideal for tuna, mackerel, large trevallies, and large groupers or snappers.

It can also be mounted with a detachable tip and 8.5 to 9mm threaded shaft for more impact. In order to offer an alternative to the XL reel, which by design cannot be mounted on SIGMAs, the Large stainless steel reel has been reinforced and widened, offering 40% more capacity, which makes it possible to negotiate large catches without fear of reach the end of the line.

For hunting large deep dentex, SIGMA 125 makes the difference!


Teak Sea - Azimuth

95, (105), 115, 125
Temperate seas
Warm seas
Blue water

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length threaded Reel + Breakaway Breakaway Mass, no shaft, no rubbers, + reel Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
SIGMA 95 Inverted  1x19mm




 120-125cm NA Small-W, Large NA  2,3kg 2-2,5m 4-4,5m 5,5-6m
SIGMA 105 Inverted 1x19mm




 140-145cm  150cm Large-Breakaway  NA  3kg 2,5-3m 4,5-5m 5,5m
SIGMA 115 Inverted 1x19mm




 140-145cm  150cm Large-Breakaway  Yes  3kg 3-4m 5-5,5m >6m
SIGMA 125 Inverted 1x19mm


 8,5mm  155cm  140cm Large-Breakaway  Yes  3,5kg 4-4,5m 5,5-6m

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