Precision and impact


The SIGMA range consists in demultiplied inverted roller-guns. They are all heavily reinforced with carbon fiber to prevent bending of the barrel. Fittings have been tested and optimized for over 3 years. SIGMA are equipped with the Ermes double roller trigger for more accuracy.

The key features of these models are:

-0 recoil allowing shots with bent wrist, and limiting video blur.

-Perfectly clear sight

-Very easy loading without assistance hook and without rest tab.

-Unheard-of versatility thanks to the possibility of adding rubber bands and / or increasing the diameter of the shaft without negative consequences.

-Optimal accuracy thanks to the absence of recoil and the low tension on the trigger mechanism.

-Increased impact / range due to larger diameter shafts.

-Good maneuverability thanks to precise balancing and reduced barrel thickness.

-Reliable and easy to repair in the field despite its relative complexity.


My favorite for inshore fishing of white fish, in murky or clear water. 7.5mm shaft, 120cm long and 3 pairs of rubber bands. SIGMA 95 is exceptionally accurate and has enough range to pin white fish up to 4 meters. It can be boosted with a fourth rubber bands and an 8mm shaft, perfect for tropical game or large fish at short / medium distance in murky water. SIGMA 105 can be made to order.


My favorite for tropical coastal fishing, thanks to its maneuverability, range and impact, neutralizing fish where needed. Equipped with 8mm 140cm shaft and 4 pairs of rubber bands. For Europe, a fine agachon speargun, neutralizing any catch, small or large, within a radius of 4m.With one or two more pairs of rubber bands, 8 or 8.5mm shaft, SIGMA 115 turns into a heavy caliber gun with formidable impact.


SIGMA 125 is an extraordinary speargun for Indo-Pacific or Atlantic coastal blue water, allowing you to get through most catches up to 5m from shaft tip. Compared to the Azimuth T8 it has improved lateral maneuverability, reduced size / weight and increased precision, not to mention the almost non-existent recoil. It is mounted with an 8.5mm 155cm shaft, propelled by 5 to 7 pairs of rubber bands. Ideal for tuna, mackerel, large trevallies, and large groupers or snappers.


Teak Sea - Azimuth

95, (105), 115, 125
Temperate seas
Warm seas
Blue water

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length threaded Reel + Breakaway Breakaway Mass, no shaft, no rubbers, + reel Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
SIGMA 95 Inverted  1x19mm




 120-125cm NA Large-Small  NA  2,3kg 2-2,5m 4-4,5m 5,5-6m
SIGMA 115 Inverted 1x19mm




 140-145cm  150cm Large-Breakaway  Yes  3kg 3-4m 5-5,5m >6m
SIGMA 125 Inverted 1x19mm


 8,5mm  155cm  140cm Large-Breakaway  Yes  3,5kg 4-4,5m 5,5-6m

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