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In some cases it is preferable to link the spear directly to the buoy, instead of using the reel. This is the case for fast pelagics such as wahoo, tuna, and generally very large fish. A fast release system (called “breakaway”) is then required.

There are several types of breakaways; The one developed by Teak Sea has been tested for almost fifteen years and uses a tensioner with two rings, a broken D-ring for attaching the leader line and the floatline that goes towards the buoy, a stainless steel ring for tensioning on the stainless steel hook provided or on the line release. The two rings are connected by a rubber tube.

The system instantly releases itself when firing. After the shooting, one passes the arm through the rubbers to concentrate on the combat.

Like all rubber products, the breakaway is damaged with sun and salt and must be changed every one to two years.

Caution: Starting pelagic fish (Wahoo, Thazards, Thons) is very fast and the risk of entanglement in the floatline is real. Before firing, always check for dangerous loops.

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