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Teak Sea - Custom

Special orders encompass non standard executions (length, lifters) and unique realisations.

As an example we can mention the speargun of Andreas Agathos, weighing 16 kg and measuring 196 cm long. As for all TEAK SEA, its apparent weight in the sea is only a few grams! The spear, 11mm in diameter, is powered by 8 power bands. Its shooting range on large fish easily exceeds 12m. This is a gun intended for very large pelagics, such as tuna and marlin.

Among the other options conventionally requested and offered we will have:

Specific lengths not in the catalog
Advanced handle – mid-handle
Enclosed track
Custom markings
Initial reel mount different from the reels of origin or customized (ex-reel Azimuth on IKAN)
Inverted mechanism on a classical architecture basis (X IM, Pal IM, Azimuth IM)
Mounting line release on the right (US standard)
Non-standard spear balancing
Stainless steel front lifters
Stainless steel / wood front lifters
Inverted Rollers

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