Small but devastating


The Neutron / Beam Neutron is an inverted roller speargun with segmented rubber bands (16mm at the top, 2×14 below), which reduces recoil and shot dispersion.

A worthy heir to the Beam, the Neutron 95 is a formidable weapon for stalking and fish search, making it possible to gain precision and range at comparable maneuverability, with exceptional comfort of use, and the possibility to shoot with a bent wrist. It is also easy to reduce its power to shoot in the caves, without being hampered by floating rubber bands.

Neutron 95 is equipped with a specific small horizontal reel with a capacity of 35m of Dyneema 1,6mm. The shaft is 120cm long, 7mm diameter and double flopper.

The Neutron will delight hunters in the temperate waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic by significantly increasing their success rate on difficult shots / fish in a 3.5m radius from shaft tip.

We also offer on request the Beam 85 in Neutron version;


Teak Sea - Beam

85, 95
Mediterranean sea

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length threaded Reel Breakaway Mass Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
Neutron 95  Inverted  1×16 armed dyneema + 2x16mm or 2x14mm  7mm  120cm  NA  Neutron  NA  1,8kg

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Neutron in action

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