Hyperion MH ET

The wahoo gun

Hyperion 135 & MU US

The Hyperion is available in mid-handle version for large sizes, typically 145, mainly for hunting wahoo, Mahi-mahi and tuna in California and Baja California. It is a simple and proven architecture for this type of hunting. The gun is equipped with an enclosed track to reduce shaft oscillations. It can be rigged with an 8 or even an 8,75mm shaft. It is less powerful than the T8 MH but significantly easier to manoeuver. For mobile blue water game.

Hyperion MH – ET

Teak Sea - Azimuth T8

Temperate seas
Tropical seas
Blue water

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length threaded Reel Breakaway Mass Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
Hyperion 145 MH ET  Inverted  4x14mm  8 – 8.75 mm  170cm  155cm  Large  Yes  3,6kg

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Hyperion MH ET in action

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