Selecting your speargun

Synopsis of product range

TEAK SEA propose a wide range of spearfishing guns. The length characterizing each model corresponds to the maximum effective length, measured from the rubberband opening to the last tab on the spear.

Our spearguns are designed starting from the spear and required shooting range. For smaller fish, a light and sharp spear can be used and the gun can be rather slim and manoeuvrable.

For larger fish or range, thrust must be increased but also spear diameter to prevent excessive whipping/ accuracy loss, which will require an increase of the mass of the speargun to limit recoil. Manoeuvrability is to a large extent controlled by barrel shape and length. Speargun selection depends both on fish size, fishing conditions and fishing technique.

Our range includes 5 lines of spearguns:

Classics with a conventional trigger mechanism: X, Pal, Azimuth, Azimuth T8

Simple, maneuverable, able to tolerate heavy rubber loads, these models have been proven in all the seas of the world for decades. Aiming is easier with the shaft, which displays a large overhang.

Inverted trigger cuttlebone barrel spearguns: Beam, IKAN, Hyperion

The use of the inverted trigger and their cuttlebone shape allows them to gain lateral maneuverability, which is appreciable for Agachon and bottom dwelling. Aiming is done with the rubber bands, parallel to the barrel.

Mid-handle (inerted or specific mechanism): Hyperion MH, Azimuth T8 MH, Doctor Fish

Guns intended for Blue Water and very large fish are long and heavy. The Mid-Handle architecture was born in the United States to improve the maneuverability of this type of speargun.


After 4 years of development and comparative studies with conventional spearguns, TEAK SEA finally offer two lines of roller guns which, thanks to their particularities, usefully expand the range.

– Inverted roller with segmented rubbers: Neutron

The Neutron is a speargun dedicated to relatively small fish and equipped with a very precise set-up. It is very accurate and without recoil.

– Inverted roller: Sigma

SIGMA spearguns are technical weapons, infinitely configurable, able to accept a very wide range of shaft diameters and a variable number of rubber bands. They are best used with short, large diameter shafts, from 7.5 up to 9mm. While they are completely recoil free, they deliver a devastating impact on the fish. SIGMAs are extremely accurate and easy to load.

Special orders allow materializing most ideas, whether they stem from specific needs or specific wishes. TEAK SEA will counsel you on which solution to implement for frequently unique realisations. It is not uncommon that new products are born in this manner, thanks to the imagination and intelligence of our customers, who become partners of TEAK SEA.

We have produced spearguns for almost all kinds of spearfishing situations.

Selection keys

A selection key for our spearguns is proposed depending on fish size, fishing depth and sea conditions. The final choice depends of course on personal preferences.

Less than ca 5kg

Beam 85/95 if fish at close distance

Neutron 95 if modest size fish but range critical

X: Adjustable range. 2 rubbers of 14 or 16mm.

IKAN 95/ Pal 100/ SIGMA 95 if need of manoeuvrability and probability of meeting a large specimen (bass, grouper, snapper).

IKAN 115/125, Pal 110-120 / Azimuth if high shooting distance.

10 To ca 40kg

SIGMA 95 if manoeuvrability prevails (eg poor visibility).

IKAN 115, Pal 110-120 for a manoeuvrability / range compromise.

Azimuth 115/125, IKAN 125 for agachon or deep hunting, blue water possible.

Hyperion 125, Azimuth 115 T8 / 125 T8, SIGMA 125  for impact.

3 To ca 10kg

IKAN 95 / X / SIGMA 95 if manoeuvrability is essential.

IKAN 115, Pal 110-120 agachon and open water: Snappers, groupers, jacks etc… down to 20-25m depth.

SIGMA 115, IKAN 125, Azimuth for agachon/deep fishing (25m+) and/or distant shots (more than 5-6m).

Hyperion 125/135 for distant/ deep shots.

More than 40kg (mainly blue water)

Hyperion 125/135, Azimuth 115/125 T8: Maximum maneuverability for big game with 8mm spear for reef fishing or blue water hunting.

SIGMA 125 : Reasonable manoeuvrability, comfort and high range for blue water hunting with 8mm spear.

Dr Fish 145: Tuna and large pelagics, Blue water only

Dr Fish Special orders: Beyond what’s reasonable, 12m range and more!

Comparative table

Spear diaSpear length
Spear length
ReelLeader lineMass (no rubbers no shaft), reel includedRange 20-50 kgRange 5-10 kgRange 1-2 kg
X 90conventional2x16mm6,25mm120 cmSmall1,4mm1,4 kg34,5
X 105conventional2x16mm6,25mm140 cmSmall1,4mm1,6 kg3,54,5
PAL 85conventional2x17,5mm7mm120 cmSmall1,6mm1,45 kg34
PAL 100conventional2x17,5mm7mm140 cmSmall/ Large1,6mm1,5 kg23,54,5
PAL 110conventional2x17,5mm7mm150 cmLarge1,6mm1,7 kg23,55
PAL 120conventional2x17,5mm7mm160 cmLarge1,6mm 1,9 kg2,545
AZIMUTH 115conventional3x16mm7,2mm160 cm140 cmLarge-Breakaway1,8mm2,1 kg34,55,5
AZIMUTH 125conventional3x16mm7,2mm170 cm150 cmLarge-Breakaway1,8mm2,3 kg34,55,5
AZIMUTH 115 T8conventional4x16mm8 mm150 cm140 cmLarge/ XL-Breakaway2mm3,3 kg3,55
AZIMUTH 125 T8conventional4x16mm8 mm160 cm150 cmLarge/ XL-Breakaway2mm3,6 kg45,5
AZIMUTH 135 T8 MH ETconventional4x16mm8 mm160 cm150 cmLarge/ XL-Breakaway2mm4,2 kg45,5
AZIMUTH 145 T8 MH ETconventional4x16mm8 mm160 cm150 cmLarge/ XL-Breakaway2mm4,5 kg4,56
BEAM 85inverted2x14mm6mm110 cmBeam1,4mm1,3 kg2,53,5
BEAM 95inverted2x14mm6mm120 cmBeam1,4mm1,4 kg2,54
BEAM 105inverted2x14mm6mm130 cmBeam1,4mm1,6 kg34
IKAN 95inverted2x16mm6,75mm130 cmIKAN Small1,6mm1,8 kg3,54,5
IKAN 115inverted2x16mm7 mm140 cmIKAN Medium1,6mm2,1 kg245
IKAN 125inverted2x16mm7 mm150 cmIKAN Large1,6mm2,3 kg2,545,5
HYPERION 125inverted4x14mm7,5mm160 cm150 cmLarge-Breakaway1,8mm3 kg34,56
HYPERION 135inverted4x14mm7,5mm170 cm160 cmLarge-Breakaway1,8mm3,3 kg3,556
HYPERION 145 MH ETinverted4x14mm7,5mm170 cm160 cmLarge-Breakaway2mm3,6 kg45,56
DR FISH 145conventional5 x 16mm9,5mm165 cm165 cmBreakaway2mm7,5 kg5,56
NEUTRON 95inverted1x16mm armed Dyneema
7mm120 cmNeutron1,4mm1,8 kg3,54,5
SIGMA 95inverted1x19mm
120-125cmLarge-Small1,6mm2,1 kg245,5
SIGMA 95inverted1x19mm
8mm120-125cmLarge-Small1,6mm2,1 kg2,54,56
SIGMA 115inverted1x19mm
8mm140-145cmLarge-Breakaway1,8mm2,7 kg356
SIGMA 115inverted1x19mm
SIGMA 125inverted1x19mm
8,5mm155cm140cmLarge-Breakaway1,8mm3,2 kg
SIGMA 125inverted1x19mm
8,5mm155cm140cmLarge-Breakaway2mm3,2 kg4,56
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