Why Teak Sea

Our concept

Spearfishing today has become a highly demanding sport as fishes have become distant and wary. The speargun TEAK SEA is meant for the ethical hunter, selective and respectful of marine environment, not willing to afford missing or injuring the fish one longs for; one must succeed with a single shot. That is why the TEAK SEA displays outstanding performances: powerful, accurate, silent, manoeuvrable and effortless to use

Selected by the pros and the travellers, our products must also resist transportation and rough handling, and are therefore extremely robust.

Finally, for TEAK SEA spearfishing is much more than leisure; it is art, and the TEAK SEA is also designed for the pleasure of the eye.



Range, speed and impact

Thanks to the stiffness and mass of the wooden barrel, the TEAK SEA can accept enough powerbands to propel the spear with an ideal combination of speed and inertia to maximize the range and surprise the fish, improving the efficiency of the shot. The improvement in range compared to a conventional speargun is between 20 and 50%, depending on the model and number of powerbands, heavier spears offering also an increased impact. Detailed explanations can be found in [reference ballistics article].

Accurate and silent shot

All barrels are designed to maximise stiffness and maintain straightness over time, key factors for accuracy. A machined slot provides adequate shaft guidance and with the added thrust of the multiple powerbands, the shaft has a straight trajectory for basically all available line length. The largest guns are equipped with stabilizers to limit cabré. The locking of the spear in the slot by the line as well as the absence of metal to metal contact allow silent evolutions and shots.


Manoeuvrability has different meanings depending on fishing technique (Blue water, aguato, agachon, wreck hunting) and water conditions, especially current.

The first generation of Teak Sea had put the emphasis on range, critical for the summer med hunt they were designed for, and for which Pal and Azimuth were perfectly adapted, both for descent and for the phases just prior to the shot. In spite of that, their perfect balance makes them surprisingly easy to manoeuvre given their bulk.

In order to meet the more and more extreme requirements of agachon or aguato in shallow waters, lateral manoeuvrability can be improved mainly through barrel height and shape and overall gun length. X series has been a first step and through more advanced designs taking advantage of the reverse trigger mechanism, the overall length and height can be decreased as for the Beam and Flat Pal.

Convenience features

Teak Sea - Confort d'utilisation

Confort of use, balance, inertia

Each TEAK SEA speargun is carefully balanced. Released as you dive, it will follow your motion! This balance spares the wrist and improves stability.  Moreover, with its generous dimensions, the TEAK SEA have the required inertia to minimize recoil. Thus designed, the TEAK SEA maximize the chances of success, even after long hours in the water.

Teak Sea - Confort de chargement

Flexibility for easy or fast loading

All TEAK SEA spearguns are equipped with a cushioned end and multiple 16 mm or 17.5mm powerbands which are easy to load. Tabs are adequately positioned for that purpose, no need to be a superhero to reach full power! However, those desiring extra power or faster reloading can use 19mm powerbands. On the other hand, softer bands of 14mm can also be a successful choice as multiple rubbers better add their thrust when they are not too stiff, improving range and decreasing recoil. Finally, the nylon line wishbone system allows adjusting power and optimising the field of view through an individual tuning of wishbone length.

Teak Sea – Après le tir

After the shot

All TEAK SEA guns are equipped with a line management system: Sturdy, practical and aesthetical reels of various sizes and capacity filled with an adapted Dyneema line or a proprietary breakaway system.


The TEAK SEA spearguns are powerful and the safety of the hunter and his dive mates are a major concern for us.

The design and manufacturing of the assembly system of the wooden handle eliminates the risk of shear fracture and potential subsequent injuries.

The safety margins taken on the barrel and trigger mechanism prevent overload fracture and self release of the spear.

The wishbone system together with the rounded shape of the tabs allows to load safely with no risk for finger injury.

All TEAK SEA models are equipped with a removable safety pin.



Teak Sea - Durabilité

All TEAK SEA models are very sturdy. The barrel is made out of several layers of hardwood (Teak, Padouk, Acajou…) glued and pressed, sculpted, impregnated and coated. Teak is chosen for its durability and beauty, padouk for its sturdiness and acajou for its low density. Butt end and grip are protected by rubber or stainless steel. The gun muzzle is not slit; the powerbands can be mounted and removed by untying the nylon wishbone.

The largest spearguns are reinforced with a stainless steel shaft to eliminate any risk of fracture. The trigger and line release systems which are identical on Pal and Azimuth are very sturdy. They are reinforced on the Dr Fish and larger models. Even damaged (shocks, restraightened spear, deformed reel), a Teak Sea can in most cases be repaired, never letting you down.

TEAK SEA spearguns require no maintenance and can be easily refurbished to look like new.

The TEAK SEA spearguns are backed by a 6 year warranty.

Elegance and finishing

Handcrafted out of natural materials and stainless steel, their beauty and functionality are a step above the rest.

Teak Sea - Élégance et finition
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