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ALPHA is new for 2022, a direct heir to the X, Pal and Azimuth, whose famous stainless steel mechanism it uses. The arrow protrudes well from the barrel which facilitates aiming. Entirely in teak, Alpha is robust and elegant.

Alpha is very simple and is designed to provide excellent value for money, making access to Teak Sea quality more affordable.

In the right hands, Alphas are very effective. Alpha 110 allows you to tackle good summer catches up to 3 or even 4m from the tip of the boom, depending on the set-up: sea bream, dentex, amberjack, serranidae.

Alpha 90 is excellent for spearfishing in shallow water, winter and summer, for sea bream, gilthead, mullet and sea bass.

ALPHA is available in 90 and 110cm loading length, only through direct sale, and in the European Union. It is guaranteed for 3 years.

Each model is available in three configurations:

Alpha 90

  1. Bare: €304 incl. VAT + shipping
  2. Bare + shaft: 342 incl. VAT + shipping
  3. Bare + shaft + rubber bands + Teak Sea reel: €388 incl. VAT + shipping


Alpha 110

  1. Bare: €322 incl. VAT + shipping
  2. Bare + shaft: 360 incl. tax + port
  3. Bare + shaft + rubber bands + Teak Sea reel: €409 incl. VAT + shipping


For those who already have either reels or shafts and who mount their own rubber bands, this allows them to acquire a high quality conventional wooden speargun at an extremely attractive entry price. Via the speargun simulator software (, it will be easy to optimize the set-up.

This makes alpha the most attractive quality wooden conventional speargun on the market.


Teak Sea - Pal

90, 110
Mediterranean sea
Temperate atlantic
Warm seas

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length threaded Reel Breakaway Mass Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
Alpha 110 Conventional  2x16mm  7 mm  150cm NA  Large  Yes  3,3kg  2,8m  3,6m  4,1m
Alpha 90 Conventional 2x14mm  6,5 mm  130cm  NA  Small  NA  1,5kg  2,3m  3m  3,7m

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