Georges Balbino

Londre, U.K.
Ambassadeur Teak Sea

Georges Balbino

The Azimuth 120 to me is the perfect all around gun. It feels at home over the reef, shooting reef and pelagic fish. For use on reef fishing I drop the power of the rubbers to 2x16mm rubbers and then the whole reef is my oyster. When I go out to blue water, I up the power to 3x16mm rubbers which provide ample power for long range shots and the use of heavier sliptips. The Azimuth 120 is light to transport by air and offers perfect balance in the water. The option to change the centre of gravity by removing/adding ballast weight really sets the Teaksea range of guns apart from the rest.

These guns are hand crafted from the best grades of wood and finished to perfection. Such is the level of craftsmanship on the Teaksea guns that they would not be out of place up on my wall next to pictures of some of my notable catches with this gun. I find it hard to believe that this guns can be further improved, so it is my gun of choice whether over the reef or in blue water around the world.

Georges Balbino
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