Azimuth Neo

The must have for big game


Azimuth is the speargun for big game hunting in the Mediterranean (grouper, amberjack, dentex) and tropical (snappers, pelagics, trevallies, etc.).

Equipped with 3 x 16mm rubber bands, Azimuth offers at equal barrel length compared to Pal 1 to 2 meters of additional range, critical for large game and deep water shots.

The solid barrel minimizes recoil, a source of inaccuracy, and is suitable for a 7.5mm arrow, optimal for range and accuracy, which can be chosen in double barb, or threaded for mounting a slip tip. All Azimuth are equipped as standard with a kit for direct connection to the buoy (“breakaway”). Its symmetrical shape is an asset when diving and the length of the shaft makes it easier to aim and get closer to the fish.

Since 2020, Azimuth has evolved into Azimuth Neo, which features an individual opening for each rubber band. The elongation of each rubber band from the anchor to the tab is thus identical at 120cm, which makes it equivalent to an Azimuth 125. Moreover, and this is a notable improvement compared to Azimuth, the rubber bands once loaded are perfectly distributed without overlaps. Finally, the mechanism is an Ermes model with bearings, which prevents the risk of seizing likely to appear under heavy loads. This also helps to reduce the handle distance from the barrel tip, improving maneuverability. Note that it can also be equipped with the XL reel with vertical axis.

For 25 years, Azimuth has become a reference for deep Mediterranean hunters, allowing surprising shots on distant or fleeing fish, but is also ideal for hunting fish in the tropics, both on the reef and in the blue where its power, precision and general maneuverability make it possible to take advantage of most opportunities, from jobfish to sailfish…

Azimuth Neo is therefore always an excellent choice, more affordable and simpler than a rollergun. A choice of professionals.

Its sturdiness, reliability and versatility are legendary. If there is a speargun to take with you on an expedition, it is the Azimuth.


Teak Sea - Azimuth

115, 125, 135IM
Mediterranean sea
Warm seas
Blue water

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length threaded Reel Breakaway Mass Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
Azimuth 120 Conventional 3x16mm  7,5mm  160cm  150cm  Large  Yes  3,1kg  3,7m  5m  7,3m

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