Classic models

The shaft is, along with the powerbands, a key element for a good shot. Moreover, by its mass, the shaft conditions all the architecture and dimensioning of the speargun.

Teak Sea equips its spearguns with carefully selected models and, if necessary, welds rest tabs or replaces the original tabs with more ergonomic tabs if necessary.

Teak Sea recommends in some cases one to mount their speargun preferentially with a Trygons spear for maximum performance.

Trygons Shafts

The perfect integration of the barb and pyramidal geometry of the shaft tip minimize the energy needed to pierce fish, resulting in increased effective range.

Moreover, the symmetry of the double barb with respect to the simple barb, and its retraction in the barrel minimizes drag effects, improving the precision of the shot.

Last development, the double barb locks in the open position, avoiding an untimely closure. Comparative table XXXXXX indicates the diameters and lengths of Trygons recommended by crossbow type.

The Trygons spears come with O-rings of diameter adapted to hold the barbs in place.

Finally, shafts of 7.2 or 8mm exist in threaded version to allow the use of a slip tip. An adaptor is supplied with the 7.2mm spear.

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