Official Records

Why records?

The capture of a big fish can be due to luck, be the result of a quest or the result of a systematic practice of spearfishing at appropriate level.
In any case, it is a matter of being at the right place, at the right moment and be able to seize the opportunity that will present itself.
Strive for excellence, practice at highest level, sense of opportunity; this is the essence of spearfishing and the essence of TEAK SEA.

Besides, in a longer term prospective, keeping track of records can be an indicator of the evolution of the population of large specimens.

The Teak Sea record table allows evaluating the character of a catch, the frame of comparison being the IBSRC/IUSA spearfishing records or even the IGFA. Large catches not homologated as records will be tabulated and displayed as noteworthy catches.

With over thirteen years of history, the TEAK SEAs have already achieved remarkable catches, as can be seen in the 2013 table of records and noteworthy catches. Before even the birth of TEAK SEA in 2000, Manolis Peristeris caught several exceptional fishes with his companion, the ancestor of Azimuth 125, an Azimuth 123cm. He deserves a table of his own. But that was last century catches.

In 2016 and after 3 years of implementation, TEAK SEA’s noteworthy catch and record lists have gained substance, with several legendary catches.

Will these records hold? It’s up to you!

Teak Sea - Les records

Homologation conditions

Eligibility for a TEAK SEA record requires:

  • The fish must be captured with a TEAK SEA speargun, the model, origin of which and, when existing, the production tag having to be communicated.
  • That the TEAK SEA speargun would be the first gun to spear the fish (a fish shot with a gun of another brand and doubled with a TEAK SEA will not be eligible)
  • That the catch be duly photographed and weighed with the gun used in the capture clearly visible. A measurement of total length and girth will be appreciated.
  • That the weight of the catch exceeds the previous record by 2% (ex. If a record is at 8kg, 8*2%=0,16kg are required to validate a new record. Filming the weighing session will be appreciated (starting from zero).
  • A catch within 2% of an existing record will be an equal record and will be eligible to the draft.
  • A witness.
  • The story of the catch, and all required data (date, location,…).

The conditions of validity of the catch are such as described in the IBSRC rules, in particular:

  • No artificial light used.
  • Spearfishing in forbidden or protected zones is not allowed.
  • No use of net or rope or any device given an illegitimate advantage.
  • Etc…

The record file submission will be made through the closest TEAK SEA Ambassador or directly to TEAK SEA via our website e-mail address.

TEAK SEA Contest

To encourage the long term constitution of the record table, TEAK SEA will put at stake at least a speargun every year. A draft will be made among all hunters having a validated record for the given year.

Unless specified differently, the year of application will end december 31st at sunset, local time and start January 1st at sunrise local time.

The contest rules are the following:

  1. Every person suspected of fraud might be indefinitely excluded from the TEAK SEA draft.
  2. Every catch duly photographed under water or in the water with the speargun used for the catch will be granted double points for the draft.
  3. Every catch recorded with an action camera will count triple in the draft (does not combine with the previous bonus).
  4. Catches that do not fulfil all criteria can be reported as noteworthy catches however they will not be eligible for the draft.
  5. The draft will be held every year after reviewing all applications of the previous calendar year. The result will be put on line on TEAK SEA website.
  6. The last date for submitting the application will be the 31st of January of the year following the year of the catch.
  7. Any exceptional catch fulfilling the criteria of a species not present in the initial table can be submitted to TEAK SEA who will be decide whether this catch will be eligible for the draft.

New rules 2018

Number of spearguns in play

The number of spearguns in play will depend on the number of submissions of admissible records superior in weight to the existing ones (matched records do not count):

1 to 5 submissions: 1 speargun
6 to 10 submissions: 2 spearguns
More than 11 submissions: 3 spearguns

Revision of the lottery rules

  1. Any record catch filmed in action will have an additional right to the draw.
  2. Quality photos with the visible speargun and a narrative of at least 10 lines, constituting a publishable set, will be granted an additional right to the draw.
  3. Any catch that beats a previous TEAK SEA record will have an additional right to the draw.

These rights are cumulative.

Therefore a shot beating a previous record, narrated and filmed, will have 4 rights instead of just one in the draw.

Records IUSA / IBSRC

  1. Every registered IBSRC / IUSA record will automatically have a speargun as a gift, which will be excluded from the draw.

Today several Teak Sea records would already be IUSA world records if they had been submitted.


Shipping costs are to be borne by the winner of the prize.

Have your arms ready?

Angelo Germidis

Président TEAK SEA Ltd

Table of records

Greater amberjackSeriola dumerilii75.171.137.649DeflandreJean-Sébastien5-Jun-16Cabo VerdeHyperion 135
Yellowfin tunaThynnus albacares81.218740.663FromentGuillaumeAvr. 17Ascension islandHyperion 125
Dogtooth tunaGymnosarda unicolor10910445.580.3BriccoChristian27 October 2014MadagascarAzimuth 115 T8
Bluefin tuna PacificThynnus maccoyii180.5325.190.3
Giant trevallyCaranx ignobilis65.472.832.7
WahooAcanthocyblum solandrii62.683.628.439DeflandreSébastien16 September 2015Royaume UniAzimuth 120
Atlantic SailfishIstiophorus platypterus47.56423.8
Blue MarlinMakaira nigricans311.263663.280SteersFrançois16 January 2014FranceAzimuth 115 T8
King mackerelScombreromorus cavalla32.742.216.425RisalPhilippe10-Jun-16FranceIKAN 115
Striped marlinTetrapterus audax156.622478.3
CobiaRachycentrum canadum66.261.527.3
YellowtailSeriola lalandi47.75223.9
Narrow barred spanish mackerelScombreromorus commersonii4644.92335DeloncaPatrickNov. 17MadagascarPal 130 Custom
Bluefin tuna AtlanticThynnus thynnus297.2678.8148.6
White MarlinTetrapterus albidus42.582.527.5
AlbacoreThynnus alalunga22.839.511.4
DolphinfishCoryphaena hippurus31.839.515.932ThibaudMiquel1-Dec-14DjiboutiAzimuth 125 T8
Almaco jackSeriola rivoliana54.459.926.6
Bigeye tunaThynnus obesus110.119765.7
Black MarlinMakaira indica211.9707132
Broadbill swordfishXiphias gladiusOuvert53630
Pacific SailfishIstiophorus platypterus63.5100.231.841DinhLoic15-May-15VanuatuPal 110
Leerfish/ GarrickLicha amia3027.813.9
Greater barracudaSphyraena Barracuda29.438.519.3
Guinea barracudaSphyraena Afra2545.92331GadretHubert30 November 2014GabonAzimuth 125
Blackfin barracudaSphyraena qenie16.413.46.712.4GermidisAngelos25 October 2017IndonesiaAzimuth 125
BluefishPomatomus saltatrix11.614.47.2
RoosterfishNematistus pectoralis34.651.725.936HerbreteauOlivier6-Feb-15Costa RicaAzimuth 125
Rainbow runnerElagatis bipinnulata11.5175.8
Cubera snapperLutjanus cyanopterus55.556.628.3
African red snapperLutjanus agennes13.3603032GadretHubert9-Feb-14GabonAzimuth 125
Red snapperLutjanus novemfasciatus36.735.717.9
Dog snapperLutjanus jocu14.6147
Mutton snapperLutjanus analis12.313.726.98.9PasquierFlorian24 October 2015FrancePal 110
Blue trevallyCaranx melampygus11.713.246.6
Golden trevallyGnathodon speciosus18.2147
Crevalle jackCaranx hippos21.7301526BurtinDidier1-Feb-14GabonAzimuth 120
African pompanoAlectis cillaris29.422.911.5
Black jackCaranx lugubris12.318.89.411DuseigneurHugo1-May-15Ascension IslandIKAN 115
PermitTrachinotus ovatus21.527.2110.812.7PasquierFlorian26 September 2015FrancePal 110
HogfishLachnolaimus maximus119.9556.2ViloJeremy20-Jun-16FrancePal 110
Blackfin tunaThynnus atlanticus13.822.396.98.9SteersFrançois4 September 2015FranceAzimuth 135 T8
Talang QueenfishScombreroides commersonianus12.217.896.18MignonePhilippe5-Apr-15ThailandePal 100
Yellow/Gold spotted trevallyCaranx fulvoguttatus15.513.757.88MignonePhilippe6-Apr-15ThailandePal 100
Orange spotted emperorLethrinus erytracanthus5.38 à 10MosconiRomainComoresPal 110
Green jobfishAprion virescens1720.28.514.5DinhLoicJuil.-17VanuatuIKAN 115
PollockPollachius virens22.711.4
PollackPollachius pollachius5.512.416.2
Atlantic codGadus Morhua9.844.822.4
Moroccan white seabreamDiplodus sargus cadenati22.47PatrimonioChristian30 October 2016FranceBeam 85
White seabreamDiplodus sargus sargus1.5
Zebra seabreamDiplodus cervinus3.9422.3PatrimonioChristian19-Aug-15Ile d'YeuIKAN 95
European seabassDicentrarchus labrax10.125.16.2ThualOlivier14-Jun-14FranceX90
European seabassDicentrarchus labrax9.810.127
GiltheadSparus aurata5.17.363.75.96HebertPatrick6 October 2014FranceBeam 85
European barracudaSphyraena sphyraena6
Black seabreamSpondyliosoma Cantharus2
MeagerArgyrosomus regius482460SahyounJérôme4 October 2015MauritaniaPal 100
Mediterranean red snapperDentex dentex9.514.257.112.5KalevrasVaggelisjui.-17GrècePal 110
Shi drumUmbrina Cirrosa5
Brown meagerCorvina Umbra2
Red PorgyPagrus pagrus5.47.723.94.08KalevrasVaggelis1 November 2016GrèceX95
Gold blotch grouperEpinephelus costae7.2510.1KalevrasVaggelis23 September 2017GrèceHyperion 125
Mottled grouperMycteroperca rubra7510.9KalevrasVaggelis22 November 2017GrèceX90IM
White grouperEpinephelus aeneus5
Atlantic bonitoSarda sarda10.15
PlaicePleuronectes platessa3.95PatrimonioChristianAout 2014FranceBeam 85
Red mulletMullus surmuletus0.8PatrimonioChristian23 September 2017FranceBeam 85
WahooAcanthocyblum solaandri83.628.4KieserXavier28-May-14FranceAzimuth 115 T8
King mackerelScombreromorus cavalla32.742.216.4KieserXavier12 October 2014FrancePal110
Mutton snapperLutjanus analis13.726.9SteersFrançois16 January 2014FrancePal110
Brown meagerArgyrosomus regius4824CogrelPascal1-Jul-14FranceX105
European seabassDicentrarchus labrax10.125.16.2ThualOlivier14-Jun-14FranceX90
Mediterranean red snapperDentex dentex9.514.257.111.6BoscOlivier10-Jul-14FranceAzimuth 125

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