Action-cam support

Immortalize your catches

After three seasons of testing and intensive use in the field, Teak Sea has developed a universal aesthetic and functional action cam (type GoPro) rear camera support to capture your hunting action and more!

This bracket, supplied as a complete kit, can be mounted on all Teak Sea spearguns with a single 2mm drilling to be performed (none on recent models, pre-drilled), and generally on all wooden spearguns, by means of two holes, one of 2mm, for the guide, the other of 4mm of diameter for the threaded shaft.

Compared to several commercial mounts, the increased camera distance from speargun axis allows for a more aesthetic shooting and easy loading, while maintaining minimal impact on balance.


  • Tilting camera arm for loading, locking with stainless steel part
  • Stainless steel flat camera base plate for maximum gluing surface with camera shoe able of translation and rotation
  • Dyneema leash passage / Prevention of Camera Loss
  • Spherical clamping screw for adaptation to any profile
  • Rubber plate set for all Teak Sea models
  • Reversible mounting (right or left of the speargun)
  • Neutral buoyancy minimizes gun rotation
  • Shape limiting the attachment to kelp and sea weed.
  • Possible use of the base for selfie and use of the speargun as cane camera for immersive shooting

Orders and information

Get our action-cam support at our distributors shop or contact us directly for advices, customisation or a direct order.

The action-cam support in action

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