Dr Fish

The speargun for record fish

Teak Sea - Dr Fish

Dr Fish 125 – 135

Available in 3 sizes, 125, 130 and 145cm, the Dr Fish are very exclusive spearguns intended for large to very large fish. The 135 and 145 have been designed to be used exclusively with a breakaway system. A mounting socket for reel XL is available on Dr Fish 125. All guns are equipped with a dismountable handle for easy transportation and reinforced with a steel bar for maximal safety.

The Dr Fish 125 (see page below) is from a ballistic standpoint close to an Azimuth 125 T8 (4 x 16mm) but differentiates through a mid-handle design, a broader and flatter body. It is fitted with front stabilizers.

Dr Fish 130/135 is powered by four 16mm power bands and displays dismountable front and lateral stabilisers for easier aiming and optimal blue water buoyancy. Its high thrust, mass and shape dedicate Dr Fish 130/135 for Blue Water hunting when a stable shooting platform is needed but 8mm shaft is sufficient;

Dr Fish 125 – 135

Teak Sea - Dr Fish 125 - 135

125 – 130 – 135
Delivered without reel
Delivered with 4 sandows 16mm

Dr Fish 145

The Dr Fish 145 is powered by 5/6 16mm rubber bands and is equipped with dismountable lateral and front stabilisers for a range close to 9-10m. This is the gun for large tuna and marlin. The weight of the speargun outside the water is about 5 kg but is equivalent to 7,5kg in the water thanks to ballasts in the lateral stabilisers and the gun body, which fill with water when immersed; this makes this gun particularly interesting for travelling hunters, often reluctant to load themselves with very heavy guns.

The position and shape of the stabilisers allow keeping, for a gun of this size, a remarkable manoeuvrability.

Dr Fish 145

Teak Sea - Dr Fish 125 - 135

Delivered without reel
Delivered with 5/6 sandows 16mm
Range greater than 10m

Model Trigger mechanism Rubber
Spear Dia. Spear Length Flopper Spear Length Threaded Reel Breakaway Mass Range
20 – 50kg
5 – 10kg
1 – 2kg
Dr Fish 145 Conventional 5x16mm 9,5mm  165cm  Yes 7,5kg  6,6m 9m

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Dr Fish in action

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