Azimuth 135IM in action

The Spanish mackerel  scombreromorus commersonii, or tengiri, is a cult fish of the Indo-Pacific. Its Atlantic counterpart is the king mackerel, scombreromorus cavalla.

Beautiful, powerful, with fragile and delicious flesh, it is a highly prized catch.

The safest way to get them is with float-line, bungee and slip tip, which limits the rate of losses. Nevertheless, I have seen repeatedly that tengiris have learned to be wary of the floatline. Moreover, in the coral areas swept by the current that they like, it is not always very practical to use the floatline.

It is for this fish and other similar catches that we created the Azimuth 135 IM with reverse mechanism. It has the size of the Az 125 but we gain 10cm of elongation which gives a very straight shot even with a slip tip. This speargun is usefully associated with our XL reel or its smaller version, baby XL, equipped with a large dyneema halyard that is virtually indestructible and thick enough to avoid slitting gloves and fingers!

It can be equipped with a 160cm threaded shaft in 7.2mm or a 7.5mm double barb shaft in 170cm. A stainless steel lifter at the front allows decoupling the bungees and visualize the line of sight. In short, it is the light version of Hyperion 135.

Here is a small demonstration in Indonesian waters …. Enjoy !

Angelos Germidis,

Teak Sea Ltd


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