New tuna and pelagics guns from Teak Sea

Teak Sea Azimuth T8 / Hyperion enclosed track / mid-handle

Developed together with Petros Yannikouros from americandiveco for California and its famous large tuna runs and for catching other pelagic species such as wahoo and mahi-mahi, Hyperion and Azimuth T8, rear handle or mid-handle offer unbeatable range, maneuverability and reliability. With loading energies from 650 up to 850J, a smart choice to shoot at 5, 6, even 7m and more, the giants of the blue water.

The line release is on the righthandside, US style, for a mainly breakaway-oriented use, and the enclosed track (ET) provides a linear and frictionless guidance of long shafts of typically 8 to 8,75mm, which is a must with the architectures mid-handle, more exposed to whipped. Larger diameter shafts (up to 9.5mm) can be mounted with the use of larger diameter gums, for more impact, but with a stronger recoil.

In Indopacific area, a more than relevant choice for large dogtooth tuna, spanish mackerel and distant wahoos …

Proposed models:

  • Hyperion 145 MH ET
  • Azimuth T8 135 ET
  • Azimuth T8 125/135/145 MH ET

Direct order or ask our usual resellers. In the USA, exclusively at americandiveco.


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