Introducing the Neutron and Beam Neutron

If BEAM is a champion of maneuverability and IKAN of precision, many of you have wondered whether we could achieve the performance of IKAN with the maneuverability of BEAM …

After two years of exploration of roller-gun architectures, 10 months of development with the inspired and valuable assistance of Jean-Paul Lorenzi, in Corsica, Teak Sea officially launches the marketing of a new inverted roller architecture speargun with segmented bungees for <15m depth Mediterranean and Atlantic spearfishing: NEUTRON.

It was baptized in this way because of its balancing and limited recoil: you just forget you have agun in your hands. And just like its homonymous particle, the NEUTRON is small but …. devastating!

The choice of roller architecture first: roller-guns, apart from their specific manufacturing challenges, are very sensitive to the set-up. It is thus very frequent that with the ageing of the rubbers or during the replacement of the original set-up, all the vaunted precision is lost. And when the roller loses precision, it usually shoots too low, which is very annoying given the usual form of fish. Among all the tested architectures, and for small gun lengths, the inverted roller with segmented bungees is the one offering the most stable performances and straightest shot. Our choice was made.

The construction is simple and robust. The barrel is flat and narrow for maximum maneuverability. To limit bending it is reinforced by carbon fiber elements.

The upper bungees have an elongation limited by Dyneema inside which allows to distribute optimally the pull between the upper bungee cord and the double bottom bungee cord.

The gun head with small pulleys is very compact and rubber displacement is halted by polished stainless stoppers.

Thanks to the inverted mechanism of the Beam and articulated metal wishbones, the length of the barrel is used to its maximum and the line of sight is totally open.

The loading butt has been lengthened for easy loading.

A shark fin under the barrel is used to disarm and immobilize the second rubber when one wants to shoot with one rubber only.

This new model is marketed in two versions:

The Beam Neutron, with its famous reel embedded in the wood. It is mounted with 16mm bungees and a 6.75mm shaft. A pair of short rubbers above, two pairs of rubbers underneath.

The available lengths are: 85 and 95.

Compared to the Beam 95, the Beam Neutron 95 has an equivalent range, even slightly higher, and improved maneuverability (horizontally equivalent, vertically better).

The aim is instinctive and the accuracy, especially at a short distance, is improved compared to the Beam due to reduced whipping.

The recoil, reduced compared to BEAM or IKAN, allows “shooting from the hip”.

The Neutron, whose anchoring point of the rubbers is further back by about 8cm. It has a specific compact horizontal axis reel mounted on the trigger guard. Reel capacity exceeds 45m of Dyneema 1.6mm.

It is also mounted with 16mm rubbers and a 7mm shaft (Neutron 95 120cm long shaft).

Available lengths are: 85cm and 95cm.

The Neutron, meanwhile, gains significantly in range, a Neutron 95 has the same range as a Beam 105. And while maintaining a diabolical precision from 0 to 4m.

Several Neutrons in 85 and 95 and even a 65 have been in the field in the last 10 months, in Greece, Indonesia and Corsica, in the hands of Angelo Germidis and the more expert Jean Paul Lorenzi, who has captured magnificent breams, barracudas and giltheads. And already, a sea bass of 8.8kg is registered as a Teak Sea record of the year 2017.

The staggering performances of the Neutron are illustrated by the pool test films and the very challenging field use of the Mediterranean, with small, nervous and mobile fish.

Plunge into the Neutron era, available for market launch only through direct sale on!

Angelos Germidis

Teak Sea Ltd

Pool session of 5 shots at 3m and 4m from shaft tip. Units in cm.

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