Loic Dinh Tells us about his record catch

On Thursday, July 20, I was at work, my father calls me and asks me to prepare the boat for the afternoon to go diving … it is quite rare at this time of year to have Northeast winds, and when that happens there is a great jobfish spot on the east coast to visit, a spot that is rarely practicable due to wind and swell.

So we leave in the afternoon, I go directly on a shallow reef that I had spotted 3 months before We arrive at the spot, the sonar announces 18m, I put myself in the water and begin to chum with bonito. Less than 2 minutes pass and I see already 5 jobfish come up from the bottom and fight for the bait; I call my father to get ASAP into the water, he makes a first descent but the fish go down to 15m, I go down in my turn and there a huge jobfish passes under me, I shoot in a bad position And he goes off … Not discouraged, I go back to the surface, reload the gun and catch my breath …

Finally ready, I go down in the middle of the chum, there are 3 jobfish within range at 12m but the big one is deeper, so I continue my descent towards the bottom. I need two more meters and there I see the big jobfish that accelerates and passes just below me. I let it pass, (I prefer shooting from 3/4 back), it is very close to me, I aim and shoot! I see the spear coming out at least 60cm from the other side of the fish, I know that the shot is good this time…

As soon as I reached the surface, I started to retrieve it because it had taken a good fifteen meters of line … and then I realized that it was much bigger than those I used to fish …

Joy and happiness!

Location: Vanuatu

Gun: Ikan 115

Weight: 14kg

Species: Green Jobfish (Latin: Aprion viriscens)

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