Why wood ?

Mechanical and acoustic properties, durability Possibility to drill, sculpt, paint… Eternal elegance

Why choose a Teak Sea speargun?

Better performing through premium engineering and systematic balance tuning. More long-lasting because manufactured with extreme care form the best raw  materials. More beautiful because designed and finished by real artists.

Where does its value come from ?

From the quality of the handcraft in Lavrion, close to Athens, and the performances of our products reached thanks to years of experience focused on a true passion: Spearfishing

Discover a range of exceptional products for you, with passion…

Angelo Germidis, President of Teak Sea Ltd.

Synopsis of product range

TEAK SEA propose a wide range of spearfishing guns. The length characterizing each model corresponds to the maximum effective length, measured from the rubberband opening to the last tab on the spear.

Our spearguns are designed starting from the spear and required shooting range. For smaller fish, a light and sharp spear can be used and the gun can be rather slim and manoeuvrable.
For larger fish or range, thrust must be increased but also spear diameter to prevent excessive whipping/ accuracy loss, which will require an increase of the mass of the speargun to limit recoil. Manoeuvrability is to a large extent controlled by barrel shape and length. Speargun selection depends both on fish size, fishing conditions and fishing technique. Our range comprises 3 series:
The classics ith straight trigger mechanism ; X, Pal, Azimuth, Azimuth T8
Les flats with inverted mechanism: Beam, IKAN , Hyperion
The mid-handles (straight or specific trigger mechanism) : Doctor Fish.

Special orders allow materializing most ideas, whether they stem from specific needs or specific wishes. TEAK SEA will counsel you on which solution to implement for frequently unique realisations.

It is not uncommon that new products are born in this manner, thanks to the imagination and intelligence of our customers, who become partners of TEAK SEA. We have produced spearguns for almost all kinds of spearfishing situations.




Extreme manoeuvrability

When waters are murky and troubled, when there’s not so much space, basically when contact takes place within a radius not exceeding 3 meters, a very high shooting range is not necessary. What is needed is a very manoeuvrable, easy to aim with, fast and discrete gun.

The extreme lateral manoeuvrability of the Beam is achieved through a flattened and profiled barrel geometry and a shortened overall length thanks to the reversed trigger mechanism and a very compact head. Manoeuvrability in rocky bottoms and wrecks is eased through a shortened grip and a rubber pad to limit unwanted noises and the small compact reel, reel XS, set in a casing carved in the barrel opposes basically no resistance when displaced in the kelp. The low, profiled shape of gun body allows lifting the rubber bands almost parallel to spear facilitating instinctive aim.

With such features, spearfishermen in northern European waters, from Portugal to the Baltic Sea, but as well as in the Mediterranean in winter conditions and shallow hunting, will have their cult speargun to succeed with difficult conditions and close encounters.




The secret weapon of running waters

The X are extremely effective for shallow and fast action, in the swell or current, free shot or agachon. The pure, easy to manoeuvre, symmetrical barrel still provides enough stiffness and inertia for an accurate shot, eased by a progressive thrust, a balance and grip comfort above the rest.

X is therefore the ideal choice for “white” fish (bass, snappers, pollock and codfish) in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the English Channel. The short lengths 75 and 90 are more adapted to free shot and X105 for precision agachon




The indispensable companion

Pal has the versatility of conventional and pneumatic spearguns, although more silent, of superior range, impact and inertia for larger fish, while still displaying remarkable manoeuvrability thanks to its profiled barrel and precise balance.

Pal 85 is thus performing equally well in waters with poor visibility, while using mixed fishing techniques (agachon, “indienne”, cave) requiring a sturdy spear (conger, big bass, groupers) or while hunting white fish in the swell with a surprising range for its length.

Pal110 and since recently Pal120 have truly become a reference for agachon or open water fishing of snapper, amberjack, grouper and tropical species. It offers an amazing combination of power, manoeuvrability and accuracy.

Pal100 is the versatility champion allowing coping with all situations: Bass or bream hunting in the channel, dentex and grouper hunting in Greece, Spain or in Croatia, agachon or cave hunting, even hunting in the Caribbean of barracuda, jacks and snappers

pal trident


pal 85 Trident

For an occasional use of pronged spears, Pal85 can be reconfigured with front lifters. These lifters can be separately purchased by current Pal owners.

pal 85 D-Day

For an exclusive low visibility/ wreck hunting, Teak sea developed a design starting from the monster D-Day (see special orders) from which 2 principles were kept :
• Front lifters for balance.
• Mid-handle, to reduce prong-wrist distance (equivalent to a 65cm gun).

To ease wreck or kelp fishing, the axis of the reel is switched from horizontal to vertical position. The reel Large can be used for deep hunters. The rest tab can be used to decrease power when shooting from very short distance. Note the front counterweight allows keeping balance when using steel cable. A totally different configuration is without the front lifters for use with a Tahitian spear or even a slip tip, e.g. for white sea bass hunting in low visibility or in the kelp.




The must have for big game

Azimuth is the speargun for the large Mediterranean game (grouper, amberjack and snapper) or tropical game (cubera, jacks, pelagics). Equipped with 3 16mm rubber bands, it is both easy to load and very powerful providing compared to Pal of similar length 1m extra shooting range, critical for large or deep fishes.

The massive barrel minimizing recoil and improving accuracy is optimized for a 7,2mm spear, selected with one or two floppers or threaded for the use of a slip tip. All Azimuth are equipped with a breakaway kit. It is also possible to use an 8mm spear for occasional use on big fish at close distance.

Azimuth is the reference for deep Mediterranean spearos or agachon and open water exclusive adepts, allowing surprising shots on remote or fleeing fish, but is also ideal for hunting in the tropics, on the reef or in the blue where its range, accuracy and global manoeuvrability will allow taking advantage of most opportunities, from jobfish to sailfish…

azimuth t8


azimuth t8

The heavy caliber

Azimuth is available in a new more massive execution « Tropical 8mm », adapted to an exclusive use with 8mm spear. As a matter of fact, if the 8mm spear can be occasionally used with Azimuth for reef hunting, the increased spear mass together with the additional thrust of the 4rth rubber lead to significant recoil. Compared to an Azimuth of equivalent length, the T8 is both broader and higher at its base, leading to a mass increase of ca 30%, and is fitted with 4 x 16mm or 3 17,5mm rubbers of adapted length. This allows powerful and fast shots while manoeuvrability and recoil sensations remain close to the ones of Azimuth. This is the reasoned choice for large cubera snapper and groupers, typically in tropical Atlantic, like West Africa and Brazil and Central America pacific coast, or the hunting of dogtooth tuna and giant trevally in Indo-Pacific waters. The T8 execution can be made for all Azimuth lengths but is recommended in 115, 125cm, and T8s are ready to accept XL and Large reels. Azimuth T8 is also suitable for bluewater hunting.



Dr Fish 125/ 135

The speargun for record fish

Available in 3 sizes, 125, 130 and 145cm, the Dr Fish are very exclusive spearguns intended for large to very large fish. The 135 and 145 have been designed to be used exclusively with a breakaway system. A mounting socket for reel XL is available on Dr Fish 125. All guns are equipped with a dismountable handle for easy transportation and reinforced with a steel bar for maximal safety. The Dr Fish 125 (see page below) is from a ballistic standpoint close to An Azimuth 125 T8 (4 x 16mm) but differentiates through a mid-handle design, a broader and flatter body. It is fitted with front stabilizers. Dr Fish 130/135 is powered by four 16mm power bands and displays dismountable front and lateral stabilisers for easier aiming and optimal blue water buoyancy. Its high thrust, mass and shape dedicate Dr Fish 130/135 for Blue Water hunting when a stable shooting platform is needed but 8mm shaft is sufficient;

Dr Fish 145

The Dr Fish 145 is powered by 5/6 16mm rubber bands and is equipped with dismountable lateral and front stabilisers for a range close to 9-10m. This is the gun for large tuna and marlin. The weight of the speargun outside the water is about 5 kg but is equivalent to 7,5kg in the water thanks to ballasts in the lateral stabilisers and the gun body, which fill with water when immersed; this makes this gun particularly interesting for travelling hunters, often reluctant to load themselves with very heavy guns. The position and shape of the stabilisers allow keeping, for a gun of this size, a remarkable manoeuvrability.




Everything is possible !

Special orders encompass non standard executions (length, lifters) and unique realisations.

As an example we can mention the speargun of Andreas Agathos, weighing 16 kg and measuring 196 cm long. As for all TEAK SEA, its apparent weight in the sea is only a few grams! The spear, 11mm in diameter, is powered by 8 power bands. Its shooting range on large fish easily exceeds 12m. This is a gun intended for very large pelagics, such as tuna and marlin.

Another example is the Monster D-day, designed for deep wreck fishing and poor visibility, typically the Channel. Titanium spear body and martensitic stainless steel prong weighing 800g, two to three 19mm rubber bands. Even at 40m depth, the big bass and cod are paralysed by the shot.




Totally aquatic

IKAN is a major evolution, combining the lateral maneuverability of the flat guns, the compact design linked to the inverted trigger mechanism and the global maneuverability of the progressive muzzle, reaching a new limit in terms of range, accuracy and maneuverability. All this with the sturdiness, the quality and the looks of TEAK SEA guns.
Moreover, the rubber bands follow nicely the profile of the gun and become coaxial to the spear in the last three quarters of the gun body, easing instinctive aiming.

All these features make of IKAN 115 an all-purpose gun for spearfishing in the Mediterranean and in the tropics, particularly for stalking elusive preys such as snappers and emperors…

IKAN 125 meets the same requirements, with a higher range.

IKAN 95 is an exceptional weapon for the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in the winter, for sea bass, bream and gilthead, thanks to its range, compacity and particularly the instinctive aiming, which is the weak point of short guns with open head.




For long hunts in hot waters

HYPERION is positionned between Azimuth and Azimuth T8. This the gun for the big mediterranean and tropical game, when even more range than Azimuth is required, while maintaining the manoeuvrability and accuracy needed to catch difficult fish. To reach this ambitious target, HYPERION uses the inverted mechanism of IKAN and has been diemnsioned for a 7,5mm spear, lighter and faster than the 8mm but stiff enough to whip less than the 7/7.2mm would with the four 14mm rubber bands. Equipped with front stainless steel lifters, aiming is easy and an optional action cam base can be mounted providing very spectacular footage in blue water. HYPERION 135 is therefore recommended for the large, deep and distant mediterranean snappers rand amberjacks, but also tropical pelagics such as mackerels, wahoos, barracudas and billfish, HYPERION 125 is preferred for deep grouper fishing and tropical fishing in average visibility. HYPERION 115 is ideal for tropical fishing in average visibility, when both manoeuvrability and power are needed.