Why wood ?

Mechanical and acoustic properties, durability
Possibility to drill, sculpt, paint…
Eternal elegance

Why choose a Teak Sea speargun?

Better performing through premium engineering and systematic balance tuning.
More long-lasting because manufactured with extreme care form the best raw  materials.
More beautiful because designed and finished by real artists.

Where does its value come from ?

From the quality of the handcraft in Lavrion, close to Athens, and the performances of our products reached thanks to years of experience focused on a true passion: Spearfishing

Découvrez une gamme de produits d’exception, pour vous les passionnés….

Angelo Germidis,
Président de Teak Sea Ltd



Simple and adaptable

TEAK SEA propose 2 simple, aesthetically pleasing and unbreakable stainless steel reels. Reel small fits X and Pal. Reel Large fits Pal and Azimuth. The reels are designed to avoid blocking and line skidding.

The XL reel can be fitted on demand to all TEAK SEA guns beginning from Pal. It is made out of a high resistance polymer of low density so that the balance of the gun would not be modified. It is designed either to reach sufficient capacity of heavy duty line, or get enough line length as a substitute to the breakaway rig and subsequent floatline.

All reels can be mounted on other wooden guns with the appropriate mounting plate..

* mounting in right-handed, they are self-tightening.



sturdy and aesthetic

TEAK SEA proposes for their reels a Dyneema line, a polyethylene line of very high tensile and abrasion resistance.
2 diameters are available: 1,6 et 1,8 mm, of respective static strength 200 et 300 DaN.
The compacity of the fiber allows increasing at similar strength level the capacity of the reel with 50%, compared to normal nylon lines (see table previous page).

The stiffness of the line is ideal to avoid tangling and its abrasion resistance make it resist fighting fish in the corals or the rocks. Its silver colour matches well the stainless steel reel.



Made of high-quality natural American latex, they are available in 4 diameters: 14, 16, 17,5 and 19mm. They can be ordered by the meter or pre-mounted. Teak Sea rubberbands are equipped with buckles and are connected by a nylon wishbone of adjustable length. They are also available in black colour for those hunters wishing more discretion (only for 16mm diameter).