Rafael Bruzzi

Chasseur international
Anchorage, Alaska, chasse souvent au Brésil
Armes : Pal 100, Azimuth 100

Rafael Bruzzi

Here is my sincere opinion about your great gun and have shared that on many of the freediving forums. Today there are many wooden gun makes but the teak-sea still stands on its own class, I think these are the reasons (it is difficult to be short). I am not aware of any other wooden gun with these features/qualities. Starting with the great design, if look at the gun in detail you notice it is not just a wood stick with a handle like you normally would see in most wooden gun, the trigger is lifted so the recoil has a horizontal movement and does not cause lifting of the muzzle, in the water the gun is about neutral with the shaft, with perfect balance (it floats without shaft). Reason these guns are so accurate. The wooden handle is very ergonomic also it is wood not metal, metal handles are always slippery, so the gun is extremely pleasant to hold in the water. The barrel is also not your typical wooden gun barrel square, it is nicely shaped to increase mobility in the water, both horizontally and vertically, so the diver has a wooden gun with a euro soul since the gun is very easy to move around.

The gun has a perfect size loading pad, not to too big (so would be in a way of the aiming), not too small (hurting the chest). The side line release is nice and long also angling back so reloading the gun is fast since it always holds well the shooting line, I hate line releases without angle. The muzzle is simple and elegant with a nice line holder under it, so reloading is very easy and fast even when I use the 5 mm neoprene gloves in Alaska so most of the guns with small line holders are very difficult and slow to load, also I never get tangle shots. The trigger system is very sensitive just like a euro gun, I have other brands of wooden gun where the trigger is so stiff that I actually miss shots. It has the benefits of wooden guns so you can vary the number of rubber bands depending on your type of fishing without sacrificing the accuracy, also has a very quite shoot. It can be used with our without a reel. It has the reel socket built in, no need to drill holes in the gun to attach a reel.

It is made of laminated teak (including the handle – this is very unique too) the best wood for wooden guns, since it will not stain in salt water like other woods. To complete the package, the craftsmanship it is perfect giving the gun a stunning look. I have almost a dozen wooden guns, the only wooden guns out of the closet are the teak-sea’s.

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