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Georges Balbino

Georges Balbino

Habite à : Londres, United Kingdom
Teak Sea depuis : 2004
Ce qu’il aime : The Azimuth 120 is the perfect gun for my type of fishing, both reef and blue water; it is light to travel with and so beautifully handcrafted and finished that it would not be out of place up on my wall
Arme : Azimuth 120
Prise préférée : Green job fish in Mozambique, deep-swimming darting yellow-fin tuna in Cape Verde, giant Cubera snappers in Angola, world class wahoo in Ascension Island, dog snapper in Brazil.
Le Graal : International patrol vessels off the coast of poor third world countries, such as Mozambique, Angola, Tanzania, where due to the lack of enforcement Far Eastern boat indiscriminately destroy delicate marine environments through overfishing and the use of indiscriminate and destructive methods.
Binôme : Colin Chester, Gary Roche, Bernard Duseigneur, and others.
Signes particuliers: Actively spearfishing for around 30 years, having fished some of last few paradises left in the world. Not really into competitions, but do get a buzz from catching the ultimate fish in waters around the world.
Zone d’expertise : Brazil (Recife), Angola, Mozambique, Ascension Island.
Parle : English Flag Brazilian Flag

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