<div class="wrapTestimonials"> <div class="leftMM"> <img alt="" src="http://teak-sea.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mPykkoo_lofoten1.jpg" /> <img alt="" src="http://teak-sea.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mPykkoo_lofoten2.jpg" /></div> <h3> Matti <strong>Pyykk&ouml;</strong></h3> <h4> Lofoten islands - Norway</h4> <p> I have felt the best shooting experiences with Teak Sea in Norway. The X105 gun is art in its perfect form. In Norway you often have time to aim the fish and shoot in the clear water from far distance. With Teak sea guns you can shoot the fish from 5 meters. Also in Norway you many times shoot the fish from up above. The Teak Sea gives you a huge advantage in this special shooting style. I haven&rsquo; met more balanced gun than TEAK SEA. I think that somehow the cold water loves the color of Teak Sea brown Teak. The color of Teak Sea is the best camouflage in the Norway gives you also the Stream fishing possibilities.<br /> <br /> Under the bridges usually is the strong tidal current. Then the strong Teak Sea X 90 cm gun is the best in the stream. In the stream the fish often keeps the distance so strong Teak sea 90 cm is the best. Many times in the deep waters the Cod fish is hunting the surface fishes. That is the reason that you need a strong gun. Also in this style you often have to shoot from above. From 20 meters to 25 m depth where the Cod is swimming, the Teak sea gives you a great advantage.<br /> <br /> Spearfishing with the Teak Sea guns at Norway is a pure art in spearfishing. No noise, just pure satisfaction.</p> </div>