<div class="wrapTestimonials"> <div class="leftMM"> <img alt="" src="http://teak-sea.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/mPiikko_PNG1.jpg" /></div> <h3> Matti <strong>Pyykk&ouml;</strong></h3> <h4> <span class="lang-en" lang="en">Papua New Guinea</span></h4> <p> My experience in the Papua waters is that you can only fish with the strong 115/120 cm Teak Sea guns with the breakaway system. The Teak Sea is also definitely the best because I am supporting to everybody to use steel wire in the first 2 meters in the spearline. The fish at Papua always fights its way to the coral or to the rocks and there is no nylon which would not break.<br /> <br /> Teak Sea Azimuth 115 cm is really a master weapon in these most difficult conditions. Also these long trips you need a gun which will never brake. Also with the sharks the teak sea is the best. A strong Teak Sea gun is a great thing to push the sharks away from the spearfisher or away from the catch.</p> </div>