New version

The « Beam » has been launched 3 years ago…and has quite evolved since then…

The trigger mechanism has been made more sensitive, easier and safer to lock, and the line release has been integrated to the gun structure like for IKAN.

What does it offer ? Its incredible manoeuvrability, which makes it a must have in almost all seas. After conquering Normandy and Bretagne, BEAM has also gained a reputation in the Mediterranean, the 85 for troubled waters or 105 for “light duty” spearfishing in clear waters.


Testimony of JP Lorenzi, our Ambassador in Corsica:
“TEAKSEA was for me a brand of prestigious wooden guns for big fish, in bigsizes…
But I discovered also a series of smaller guns like the BEAM : I use this gun in Corsica to hund down mean sized fish like croakers, sea bass, gilthead bream, small dentex snappers, sea breams…
Since the summer 2013, the BEAM 85 with inverted mechanism provides me with an incredible manoeuvrability vs a “conventional” 85, but a remarkable versatility as well… Woth a single rubber, I can hunt fish in caves. Coming back to the original set-up with 2 rubbers, I have a gun for stalking sea basses and breams in troubled waters…”

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