on Azimuth spearguns

Evolution sur les arbalètes Azimuth

The wooden extension in front of the muzzle has been trimmed by ca 25mm, allowing to:

  • Shorten Azimuth 115 by the corresponding length, improving lateral manoeuvrability and aiming
  • Replace Azimuth 120 by a 125 but with only a limited increase in length, but a significant increase of shooting range and a clearer differentiation from Azimuth 115. The rest of the specs remain unchanged, in particular the length of the 7,2mm spears (170cm with floppers, 150cm threaded). With such an increase, Azimuth 125 beats shooting range records for a 7,2mm speargun comforting is leading position for fishing Dentex snapper or all tropical fishing.

“It was a difficult decision to put an end to Azimuth 120, the “fetish” of many spearos, including myself! But after using the 125 for almost one year, it is clear that switching for a trimmed 125 is a sensible move, bringing a little bit more range with a still exceptional manoeuvrability”

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