in One fish

An incredible Video by Leonard Snoek (South Africa) including Matti Pyykko and Teak Sea spearguns.

Leonard Snoek writes:
One Fish is a spear fishing adventure film set in the heart of Mozambique as well as showcasing spearfishermen from around the world who are all dreaming of that one fish. That one fish that defines them as spearfishermen. It is in the pursuit of this dream that these guys have been filming some of the best footage from all over the globe. There are Spearo’s from 10 countries participating in this project making this film an array of diverse spearfishing styles and culture. These guys are possibly some of the best freediving underwater videogarphers in the world. It’s this that sets this film apart from every other spearfishing film ever made.

Terry Maas said: “The best spearfishing film I have seen yet”

You can also go to our website : www.onefish.co.za

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