Stream fishing
at norway

A new DVD from Matti Pyykköo with the Teak Sea (X90) in action !
After a first enchanting film, “Spearfishing Lofoten” far north in Norway in the Lofoten archipelago north from the polar circle, Matti Pyykköo strikes again with an extreme film on speafishing in the Maelström, close to Bodo !

You’ll find the same crazy team, Juha, Jukka….and of course Matti !

Pollock, giant cod up to 20kg and halibut are shot with an ease that’s only apparent, so extreme is the place.

Guaranteed chilling experience !

Spearfishing Lofoten, 2006 25€ TTC
Stream fishing at Norway, 2010 25€ TTC

Some screenshots :

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